Dialectica Group is a strategy & innovation advisory firm.

We seek elegance on the far side of complexity – beyond traditional paradoxes, stagnant mindsets, tired thinking and staid cultures. We believe that bold action needs the best ideas. That courage necessitates wisdom. That growth requires investment. And that action demands meaning.


We are a network of strategists, entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, advisors and analysts.


We have been senior leaders across the public and private sectors. We have served at the highest levels of government. We have brokered innovation and shaped new technologies. We have led private firms and spearheaded commercial success.


We have advised politicians and governments, investors and financiers, universities, entrepreneurs & multinational corporations.

Whatever the challenge – or how intense the uncertainty – we assemble a team of strategists, innovators, experts and change artists to help you respond. Decisively. Rapidly. Wisely.


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